Frozen Lake Michigan shatters into millions of pieces & results in surreal imagery (photos)

Amazing nature…

A rare occurrence was captured by a photographer last June and as winter is upon us, it becomes somehow relevant again…

The polar vortex has kept Lake Michigan frozen throughout the winter. And in Chicago, temperatures dropped up to -30C (-23F) during the peak of the cold season, causing ice shelves to form on the lake.

The ice shelves were formed when water waves underneath crashed over the existing piles of ice in the lake. But the lake will soon return to its usual form.

Spring is bringing warmer weather throughout the region, melting the ice and transforming the lake into a magical spectacle.

The moving water beneath the ice is pushing the ice plates to the surface, and breaking them into attractive patterns which are visible from the South Haven’s pier.

But as much as many people want to capture photos of this beautiful phenomenon, the US Coast Guard is warning the public to view the spectacle from afar because it’s risky to walk or stand on the unstable surface.

Scroll down to check out some of the best photos of the ice shelves on Lake Michigan.

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