FYROM Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov dispels hyper-optimism about name dispute solution

Interview with news site Balkaninsight.com

Despite a climate of optimism being cultivated both in Greece and FYROM on a possible solution for the “Macedonia” name dispute, FYROM’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov told online news-site “balkaninsight.com” that it was too early to be overoptimistic feelings. He stressed that the two countries might not be able to overcome their differences.

“It is important that we do everything in our power, both in Skopje and Athens, to seize the moment,” Dimitrov told BIRN.
“We have encouraged Nimitz and I expect that on Wednesday he will put his ideas and proposals on the table – an initial frame to enable substantial progress and negotiations. After that, we will get involved more directly and we [the two foreign ministers] will head the negotiating teams from both countries”, he underlined in his interview while he went on to add that despite all the optimism, the two countries had to accept the possibility that they would be unable to overcome their differences.

source: balkaninsight.com