FYROM PM Zaev calls on MPs to back constitutional reforms

He says accepting the reforms will result in country gaining NATO and EU membership

Addressing his country’s parliament on Monday, FYROM PM Zoran Zaev sent a message of urgency and reconciliation across political lines. During the meeting for the proposed Constitutional reforms, Mr Zaev pointed out that the future of the country was in the hands of MPs and called on them to vote with a free conscience, targetting those who were still undecided.
“Look at the future, the future of your children. The will of the citizens is for the country to move forward,” he stated, warning that Skopje would fall into isolation and revert to the traumatic past of the last 27 years.
According to Zaev, accepting constitutional changes would lead the country to a full NATO and EU membership.

The FYROM parliamentarians are called to vote on a number of reforms in the constitution of the country agreed upon between the government and the Greek government in the framework of the Prespa Agreement.

At the same time, Zaev sent a message of reconciliation to the right-wing nationalist opposition of VMRO-DPMNE, after right-wing protesters had stormed the House of Representatives on April 27 and attacked members of the Social Democrats and Albanian minority parties during the vote for the election of the new chairman of the parliament.