FYROM PM Zaev disputes US Defence Secretary Mattis’s claims Russia was meddling in name referendum

Mr Zaev said Russia was a friendly nation but was against FYROM’s accession into NATO

FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev disputed claims by the US Defence Secretary, James Mattis that Russia would attempt to meddle in the upcoming referendum on the Prespes name agreement with Greece scheduled for September 20.
Speaking at a conference on freedom of the press in Skopje, Monday, Mr Zaev said Russia was a friendly nation adding he was unaware of any disinformation or false news being spread online on regarding the referendum.
“I have no proof of Russian intervention. The Russian Federation is a friend of ‘Macedonia’ and has nothing against the accession of ‘Macedonia’ in the European Union, but it is against our joining NATO. And they say it clearly. We are trying to explain that for us there is no other option but full EU and NATO accession. We want to build friendly relationships with all counties, including the Russian Federation”, he underlined.