FYROM PM Zaev: “Macedonia” name will not change but be completed

The parliament in FYROM is debating the implementation of constitutional reforms

“The name” Macedonia” is not changing but is being completed,” FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stressed, addressing the country’s parliament during a debate on the constitutional reforms deriving from the agreement signed with Greece.
Mr Zaev was responding to a question by nationalist VMRO-DPMNE MP Krsto Jovanovski, who proposed that the leaders of the two largest parties sit down and reach a decision on the future of the country.
FYROM’s PM said the citizens had selected their representatives during the general elections, which gave the government the legitimacy to make decisions. “The citizens who decided, went to vote and those who did not want to decide, stayed home, “he said, referring to the outcome of the referendum.

However, his response did not seem to persuade the VMRO-DPMNE MP, who announced he would vote against the constitutional changes. At the same time, an Albanian Albanian MP argued that the party would support the country’s NATO membership but would not abandon the struggle for equality for the Albanian people.