FYROM PM Zaev: No reason to change our Constitution

Interview with country’s state news agency MIA

“I do not see a reason to change our constitution,” FYROM PM Zoran Zaev said in response to the statement made by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, who a few days ago had said in an interview that the first concern was to make the agreement and “the constitutional changes will be made in time.”
“In the discussions, the requirement for a change of our constitution is Greece’s position, but we have our own. ‘Macedonia’ changed its Constitution in 1993 by incorporating Amendment 2 in Article 49. We have taken an important step in removing irredentism. What we are doing now is proving that ‘Macedonia’ has no ambition, territorial or other, that Macedonia has no irredentist claims. Macedonia wants to “build” a friendship”, Mr Zaev said, according to the MIA agency in Skopje, while he added that any solution to the name issue should guarantee the identity and dignity of both sides.
“Yesterday I said that a geographical determination is acceptable to the government. This is based on my expectations, the internal dialogue going on in ‘Macedonia’ on the steps, how far we can get, the chances for a solution, etc. We stand firm in our position that identity and dignity are key issues. I am sure that ‘Macedonia’ can find a solution through the shared view of participating in NATO and the EU.”

When asked to comment on a possible draft by the Greek Foreign Ministry for an international agreement, the FYROM PM said that Skopje is ready to grab any opportunity that would lead to a solution because the conflict must end in an international agreement.
“I welcome the idea, it can be very useful,” the prime minister told reporters.