FYROM PM Zaev: “The solution to preserve the dignity of ‘Macedonians’ & Greeks”

FYROM does not want to negotiate their identity


FYROM’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev referred in his statements at Bulgaria’s Nova TV station to a referendum as an “extra guarantee” on the name of his country.

In the same interview, Mr Zaev appeared optimistic about a solution to the 25-year conflict with Greece by the middle of 2018 so that there would be an invitation to FYROM to join NATO at its June summit.

He continues, however, to provoke in his statement by saying that will preserve the “dignity of ‘Macedonians’ and Greeks”.

“The referendum will be an additional guarantee for our Greek friends because it will remove all doubts as the people will support the solution. I’m sure the ‘Macedonians’ are ready for it. But we are still in the middle of negotiations and I hope the solution will preserve the dignity of ‘Macedonians’ and Greeks,” said Zaev, according to MIA, the news agency of FYROM.

“I hope we will come to solutions acceptable to both sides because the settlement should preserve the dignity of both states. This is the only way to build partnerships, and that requires a viable settlement”, Mr Zaev added.

With his reference to the referendum, the FYROM Prime Minister may imply that the FYROM side has decided to choose this process as a guarantee instead of revising their Constitution.