Game of Thrones: Gaffes continue as water bottle appears in final episode (warning: spoilers-videos)

The water bottles popped up a couple of times

First it was a coffee cup, now it’s a bottle of water. Poor Game of Thrones just can’t catch a break. Is somebody at HNO or the GOT producers trolling the viewers?

Only two weeks after some observant fans spotted a forgotten coffee cup in a Game of Thrones scene, a couple of misplaced water bottles have emerged in the series’ grand finale. The bottles, seen in the videos below, pop up a few times over the course of several minutes. The first time is at 46:19 on HBO Now, and then a few minutes later. One is tucked just behind Samwell Tarly’s foot in the photo below.

Another water bottle can be seen just behind Ser Davos’ chair, in-between him and Gendry.