Genderless “Alien” make-up artist wants to adopt children (photos-video)

Ohh has spent over $50,000 to transform into an “Alien”

Vinny Ohh is a 22-year-old makeup artist who has dropped over $50,000 on 110-plus procedures to help transform himself into the “genderless alien” he believes he is. On Monday, Ohh appeared on a UK-based morning show “live from outer space” (and by that, I mean in front of green screen with stars on it) to discuss the status of his “transformation,” when he dropped the bombshell that he plans on adopting children in the future. “I do not see myself having regrets when I am 70,” Ohh said. “I see myself adopting kids and raising them, that’s totally fine. I don’t need sexual organs to do so.”
He also told the hosts that he plans on meeting with doctors in Thailand and Sweden in hopes of advancing his alien transformation. American doctors have “so many rules,” lamented Ohh.