German Chancellor Merkel: I am not done yet (video-full interview in German)

Interview on running for office again

In her first interview following her official announcement to stand for re-election for the German Chancellorship, Angela Merkel told state broadcaster ARD that she was part of the solution of the refugee crisis. With the rise of populist extreme right party AfD, which has gained widespread support among the German public, due largely to the refugee policy adopted by Angela Merkel, she said that she was also part of the people in an effort stem the tide of conservative voters leaving her party and embracing the xenophobic rhetoric used by the AfD. “I am also part of the people, not just the AfD”, she said. The Chancellor said that she had some introspection and self-reflection before reaching the decision to stand for re-election. “Do I have enough power to do it? Can you offer your country more?”, were some of the questions she asked herself. The Chancellor said the issue of foreign policy and the turbulent situation was a factor that weighed in favour of her decision to stay in the running. She added that with other world leaders she could reach compromises and achieve progress on matters of foreign policy.