German court approves extradition of Iranian diplomat suspected of involvement in Paris bomb plot

He was arrested in July

A German court on Monday approved the extradition to Belgium of an Iranian diplomat accused of involvement in a foiled bomb plot targeting a gathering of Iranian dissidents in a Paris suburb in June.
The superior regional court in Bamberg said in a statement that it had on September 27 approved the extradition of an Iranian diplomat based in Vienna who has been named as Assadollah Assadi.

German authorities had arrested the 46-year-old diplomat in July in the Bavarian city of Aschaffenburg under a European arrest warrant.
The suspect, had been identified only as Assadollah A. Under German legal rules, was accredited as a 3rd counsellor at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna since 2014 and was an employee of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS), the statement said.
Iran had said it had nothing to do with the bomb plot, which it called a “false flag” operation staged by figures within the opposition group itself.