German newspaper Handelsblatt praises Greece for Covid-19 vaccination process

The newspaper contrasts it with the chaotic situation in Germany

German newspaper Handelsblatt praised Greece for its handling of the Covid-19 vaccination process while contrasting it with the disorganised approach in Germany.  “Chaos prevails in Germany in making an appointment for vaccination. Servers crash, telephone lines are overloaded. In some other countries, the vaccination process has long worked better and more organised,” the article points out.

“Anyone looking for model countries can find them in Greece, France, Denmark, and Israel,” the author of the German newspaper writes in a piece entitled “Where Vaccinations Work Best.”

The German newspaper notes through its correspondent from Athens: “By the weekend, a total of 700,000 people were vaccinated in Greece, which corresponds to a percentage of 6.5% of those first vaccinated  230,000 people have already received the second dose. The goal is to have 80% of those over 18 vaccinated by the summer. In contrast, in Germany 3.3 million people have received the first dose and about 1.7 million the second. The vaccination rate is at 4%”.

The National Vaccination Business Plan “Eleftheria” is working around the clock, the financial newspaper continues and observes: “Most citizens do not need to do anything, since they are notified by SMS or mail. The contact details come from the intangible prescribing system. At the same time, citizens are given the opportunity to make appointments online. A telephone line of communication, like the one in Germany that leads to the despair of many citizens, does not exist in Greece, because, as government circles say, it is not in line with the digitised process.”

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