German reparations brought up at 72nd anniversary of Gorgopotamos Bridge explosion (photos)

Germany’s unpaid war reparations to Greece viewed as a matter of “duty” for those who fought for Greece’s rights during WWII

The blowing up of the Gorgopotamos Bridge in central Greece as part of the Greek resistance movement during WWII was commemorated on Sunday. Former resistance fighters from around Greece attended the 72nd anniversary since their explosion and their messages urged the next generations to continue fighting for their rights. The event was dominated by discussion on issues concerning the German WWII reparations and a huge German occupation loan that had left the Greek reserve empty.

Gorgopotamos Bridge before WWII

Gorgopotamos Bridge before WWII

In the spirit of the occasion, Alternate Finance Minister Christos Staikouras noted the cooperation between Greeks at the time and that this message should be noted today. He said that the critical moments that the country is experiencing require a national plan, hard work, consensus, realism, political and social stability.

B17 bomber being towed across the bridge

B17 bomber being towed across the bridge

Mr. Staikouras made special reference to the German war reparations and the latest developments on the issue that he said should be approached by both Greece and Germany with “respect to the historical truth and all due seriousness.” He said that responsibility was required.


On his part Independent Greeks MEP said that no one can “stop us from reminding (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel that Germany must immediately repay its debts to Greece, amounting to at least 162 billion euros net with interest.”

The bombing of the bridge

It was sabotaged by an explosion during the German ocuppation in world war II by the greek troops in order to disable the German military transfers by train

SYRIZA deputy Vassilis Kyriakakis said that the message that was sent when Gorgopotamos bridge was blown up was a timeless one. He said that Greeks should be steadfast in the payment of reparations as a “historic and moral duty towards our ancestors who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the country.”

The bridge today

The bridge today, now that it has been reconstructed

Crossing the historic rail bridge of Gorgopotamos today. The bridge still serves the Greek Railways, located on the main line between the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

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