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Germans arrested in Evros claim they were filming a documentary

They say they were reporters for ARD

Two Germans citizens were arrested near a restricted military zone in Evros, east-northern Greece and taken to the Orestiada Prosecutor for further questioning. The individuals, a 31-year-old man, and a 32-year-old woman claimed they were journalists for German media outlet ARD and that they were preparing a documentary on the routes used by refugees and immigrants to enter Greece in the area. The two were detected by police near a military zone in the village of Praggi in Didymoteicho without a special permit granted by the 16th Infantry Division.

They argued, according to ERT, that they had not seen the road military zone sign and once they saw the second sign they stopped prior to being arrested.

According to sources, the two are facing charges of entry into a forbidden area, which is a misdemeanour.
The German Embassy, as well as their TV network, have contacted the Greek authorities.

  • Vasilios Grammatikopoulos

    Not so long ago I read in a newspaper that Mrs. Merkel declared she did not regret at all having opened the German doors to the refuges from some Eastern countries.
    It was, as per her fair assessment, a humane action. Unfortunately this act has not been carefully calculated.
    To set foot on the threshold of Germany the refuges from Syria or Iraq must overcome thousand of miles by land and sea crossing a completely non-German territory.
    Usually by invitation etiquette the host knowing that the guests have no means of transportation picks them up.
    So probably the Germans caught at the Greece-Turkish borders were there to show the refuges the right way to the German doors.