Germany assesses the impact of a Trump victory on Greece and the EU

Trump considered unpredictable

The whole world is holding its breath over the results of the US Presidential elections. The repercussions of a possible Trump victory are unknown regarding the superpower’s direction on a number of issues, ranging from foreign policy to matters of global finance. The US election results could also indirectly affect the course of the Greek bailout program.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is uncertain about the stance Donald Trump could take on the issue. As Jurgen Hardt, coordinator of Germany’s transatlantic relations, points out it is difficult to make any predictions. Speaking to newspaper “Handelsblatt”, he said that the Republican candidate has few associates that could confer with the German side on the relations between the two countries as his close circle is made up of non-political figures.

The German Finance Ministry is preparing for all possible scenarios regarding how the global markets will react in the event Trump becomes President, despite market analysts assuring that a Trump win would not cause any turmoil in the global financial system. However, a question that remains unclear is how a new US administration would approach the Greek debt crisis regarding its cooperation with one of the creditors involved in the program, the IMF. Will a Trump government continue to support the Europeans on the Greek matter, or will he abandon the policy adopted by the Obama administration on the issue?

The German Foreign Ministry has also expressed reservations regarding Trump’s approach to matters of global security after the Republican candidate’s statements that he would consider withdrawing the US from NATO. What has become apparent is that if Trumps wins the elections, the Europeans will have to assume more responsibilities on matters of international foreign policy and not simply tow the line of the US.