Germany is considering “surveillance bracelet” for dangerous refugees

Further drastic measures may be applied


The German Ministry of Justice is considering measures like”surveillance bracelet” for dangerous refugees. They are even thinking of applying this measure even before someone is convicted of a crime.


The Minister of Justice Heiko Maas underlined the need of the authorities to do “everything necessary” to control as much as possible the potential dangerous Islamists and he went on arguing that this should not be a taboo.

He also argued that they should be held for up 18 months if there is suspicion that they might be extremists until they are deported.


According to him, the German authorities so far are just recording the potentially dangerous refugees without detaining them if there is no specific reason.


There are also talks of extending the security surveillance cameras, although the German public opinion was very reluctant in accepting such security measures.


Another measure Germany is considering, is the suspension of aid programs to counties that refuse to accept their deported citizens.