Germany: The annual BDSM cruise with security measures (videos)

The ticket for the “Torture Ship” was 67 Euros

Hundreds of people from Europe who are into BDSM embarked on their established annual cruise.

In total, in Germany, from where the ship with the glittering title “Torture Ship” sailed, about 200 BDSM fans gathered, significantly less, that is, than the 600 who make this peculiar cruise every year.

The ticket for the trip between Constance and Friedrichshafen was 67 Euros for each participant.

The organizers claim that all the necessary safety measures have been taken, both with the use of a mask and with the observance of distances.

“Those who participated this year were in a good mood. “In any case, we had not organized a frantic party”, said one of the organizers…

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