Get access to the info the Feds know about you (and almost everyone else, too)

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The government has a file on you, and you deserve to know what’s in it.

Here’s how they collect that info, plus how you can use TruthFinder to look up government records.

Over the course of your life, personal details about you are logged in public records. The county might know your age because of your birth certificate. Courts might know about your speeding tickets (or other crimes that might be on your record). And the federal government almost certainly knows when your Social Security card was issued.

Normally, all of this data is hidden behind a sea of red tape, specifically designed to make it harder for regular people to see.

But a TruthFinder membership makes it simple to find tons of info you want to know: names, birthdates, criminal records, addresses, and a whole lot more.

You just search for somebody, click on a name, and discover all the information available in an easy to understand report. That’s it.

The kind of data in these reports is usually personal. Don’t be shocked if you uncover long-buried secrets.

Look Up The Data — It’s Your Right

All of this data is legally accessible thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. That means you’re entitled to see what kind of information the government has on you.

Data in a TruthFinder report might include:

  • – First and last name
  • – Date of birth
  • – Phone numbers
  • – Current and last-known addresses
  • – Persons living at the same address
  • – Possible relatives
  • – Arrest and conviction records
  • – Traffic records
  • – DUI arrests

Plus a whole lot more.

Look Up Everyone You Know

After you look up yourself, you can uncover data on almost everyone in your life.

Check Out Shady Neighbors

Do you have a bad feeling about someone? Search their name in TruthFinder. You might expose a string of assaults in their history that confirms you were right all along.

Pre-Screen New Dates

Thinking about going out with someone? Pull their TruthFinder report. It can reveal whether you’re going out with a straight shooter — or someone with a secret, dark past.

Find Your Family

Trying to find long-lost relatives? TruthFinder reports can include address and phone number information. You’ll know exactly how you can reach out.

Pull A Background Report Today

All you need to pull a background report is a name, age, and state.

TruthFinder will comb through millions of government records and deliver a report that blows the lid off the government’s bureaucracy cover. You’ll reveal what public records say about the people you know. Just search a name to get started.

Source: breitbart