Giannis Antetokounmpo literally jumps over Tim Hardaway Jr. for alley-oop dunk (VIDEO)

And it’s not like Giannis jumped over the smallest player in the league

Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo has already pulled off a number of incredible feats of athleticism during his young career. He added to that highlight reel Tuesday night with arguably his most impressive display thus far.

Giannis literally jumped over Tim Hardaway Jr. while going up for an alley-oop slam. And when we say “literally” here, we mean it.

Here’s a freeze frame for you in case you need to see that again:

We can’t blame you if your jaw is on the floor right now. That’s incredible.

Keep in mind that Tim Hardaway Jr. is listed at 6-foot-6. It’s not like Giannis jumped over the smallest player in the league. Far from it.


Remember all those kind comments Magic Johnson made gushing about Giannis’ play? You know, the ones that resulted in the Los Angeles Lakers getting a $50,000 fine Tuesday?

Johnson may have been punished for what he said, but he wasn’t necessarily wrong. Giannis is amazing.

After seeing a dunk like that, we can understand how Johnson might have briefly forgotten about the rules when discussing Giannis. How can you stay silent after seeing something like that?

Source: yahoo