Girl catches boyfriend trying to have sex with her Mom on camera (video)

It was a cheater TV show

A young woman tried to catch her boyfriend cheating by sending her own mother in to hit on him — and was horrified to see him take the bait.

The woman, named Ashley, worked with the YouTube show To Catch a Cheater to set up the sting in New York, where her 22-year-old boyfriend of a year and a half, Zack, is an NYU student.

She had her mom agree to participate, flirting with Zack and inviting him to have sex, and cameras caught him enthusiastically agreeing and showing up for their illicit date.

While the whole thing was quite possibly staged, it has no less made for riveting viewing for YouTube viewers.

Ashley reportedly reached out to Luis Mercado for the episode, which also includes an appearance from To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen.

She explained that Zack had made comments indicating he was attracted to her mother, and she wanted to see if he’d go for it if given the opportunity.

First, Luis had her set up a fake meeting with Zack in a park so they’d know where he was, and then she told him she was then ‘running late.’

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