Girl KO’s immigrant who attempted to sexually assault her!

Teen student threw the man to ground with a move

A teenage girl knocked out an immigrant who attempted to sexually harass her n the island of Samos. The incident occurred on Friday when the young girl was on her way to pick up her mother from work near the island’s old people’s home. An illegal immigrant attempted to initially grab her handbag, but the student fought back and held on to her bag. Surprised by the teen’s move the man tried to grope her, at which point she threw the immigrant to the ground by employing a self-defence move. Stunned by the resistance put up by the girl the immigrant fled after getting up off the ground. The girl and her parents went to the local police station and informed the authorities about the assault. Police are in search of the man after the student gave a description of the culprit.
Speaking to Skai TV about the attack, the student’s father, Michalis, said “we do not have anything with the immigrants. But what bothers us is that these people have come to this place to be in transit within 48 hours and this is not upheld by the government”.