Glucksburg: The actress Aliki, the junta, his return to Greece and the “grandfather” Giorgos Papandreou

“What worries me most the salaries and pensions cuts”

The former King of Greece Constantine Glucksburg gave an interview to Tasos Tryphon at the “Tete- a-Tete” show for RIK channel.

Glucksburg anwered to questions about his relationship with the Greek actress Aliki Vougiougklaki, Giorgos Papandreou, grandfather of the former Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou, and Archbishop Makarios, President of Cyprus during 60’s – 70s, and shared his thoughts on his possible return to Greece.

When he was asked to comment on the “urban myth” about his relationship with Aliki Vougiouklaki, Constantine said that she was “ an amazing actor and a nice person” and continued joking that “it was said that there was a secret tunnel from the palace to her house. And I used to say: “If we acknowledge that there is such a tunnel and Alice decided to change house, should we have to change the tunnel?”. He admitted, though, that he had visited the Finos Film studio and when he was asked about whether this was a juvenile love, he laughed nervously and said, “I do not know , you tell me”.

During his interview, Constantine described as his main success the fact that kept Greeks united and referred to the period of junta by saying: “If I did not accredit the junta, there would be a civil war”. When he was asked if he could react more vigorously he replied: “There is no vigorous reaction than leaving the palace and luxury and lead a movement against the junta”.

The former King referred also to Giorgos Papandreou and said that there was no way to dismiss him as Prime Minister, as many accuse him. “I liked him and our relationship was very good”.

When he was asked about his relationship with Archbishop Makarios, he revealed that Archbishop Makarios had told him to go to Cyprus when Constantine was in exile. Also, Glucksburg referred to their dispute in 1964 when the then king cancelled the mission of Greek airforce in Tyllirias 1964. “He told me that it was a very bad move. I told him that “you are responsible for a half million people , but I am responsible for 9 million. You must understand that I will try to keep my coyntry outside the war” Glucksburg said.

Regarding the economic crisis in Greece, Constantine said that “What worries me most the salaries and pensions cuts. But he said that Greece will exit slowly from the crisis and he referred to “the great efforts made by the government and the opposition,”.

Moreover, he claimed that he has no intention to return to Greece. “What should I say? That monarchy is better and return back?No,” he said adding that “I will return whenever I want to and not when others tell me to do so,”.