“Gods, Myths, Heroes”: The new campaign for tourism

The beautiful new advertisement about our country, through Don Morgan Nielsen’s words

Gods, Myths, heroes. Three small words with a larger than life meaning. They are the basis of the new advertising campaign for tourism which was presented by Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni during the World Travel Market international meeting, on Monday in London. Present were many tourism operators and visitors.

“All of Greece is a set of gods, heroes and myths”, is the message of the new campaign. Its aim is to remind people of the real values of life, myths that transfer over life lessons from ancient times, to today.

Every Greek destination is the birthplace of an ancient deity, every part of Greece hides a myth, a magical story, the energy which is still alive to this day.

Wisdom, light, freedom, knowledge, beauty, and purity are some of the words used in the campaign to describe our country. The Greek islands and the endless blue sea could not be missing from the video.

Let us all discover it through a twelve-minute long video…

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