Golovkin vs. Canelo boxing match ends in controversial draw

Female judge gives only 2 rounds to Golovkin

The boxing match between undefeated Gennady Golovkin, known as triple G, and Mexican power house Canelo Alvarez ended in a controversial draw on Saturday night at the Mobile T Arena in Las Vegas. The bout saw one of the three judges, Adelaide Byrd unbelievably gave only twi rounds to triple G.
Byrd is now facing calls to be struck off for her scoring after it ended in a controversial stalemate.
Two of the judges scored it 115-113 (Golovkin) and 114-114. But it was third judge, Adelaide Byrd, who caused disbelief on social media with her score of 118-110  to Alvarez.
That meant she scored 10 rounds to Canelo and two to Golovkin – a verdict that left fans outraged.
Four years ago CJ Ross was struck off when she scored the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo fight a draw.
There are calls for a similar decision on Byrd, who has faced criticism in the past, both in the boxing and MMA world.

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