Government to settle all open issues before September 15

Troika will visit Athens on September 15

The government and the economic team plan the appropriate steps to accelerate the negotiations with European partners regarding the discussions on debt relief aiming at the same time to be the last time Troika visits Greece on September 15.

In this context, the Minister of Finance Gikas Hardouvelis sent letters to all the ministers who have pending obligations reminding them that they must settle all open issues before September 15, when Troika is expected to arrive. The government hopes this will be the last time Troika visits Greece, at least in the way we have experienced their visits over the recent years.

During the remaining 55 days, the government is obliged to be engaged in a marathon implementing measures so as Troika won’t stay for a long time in Athens.

Hardouvelis addressed to each ministry separately noting that the last packet of the prerequisite measures that is still pending, such as bills for political money, forestry and others, and the 600 memorandum actions which have not been implemented since May.

“We have no time to rest,” is the message of the government staff that wants the evaluation of Troika in the autumn to be quick. The government also wants to achieve an agreement with the representatives of creditors and partners before the scheduled meeting of Eurogroup in October 13 when it is expected to give the green light for the disbursement of the remaining money and to begin the final phase of negotiations on debt relief.