Government withdraws anti-riot forces from Chios & Lesvos

“Congratulations to the police forces because they showed unprecedented restraint”


Anti-riot police forces are expected to withdraw from Lesvos and Chios on Thursday morning as the situation is out of control.

The decision was taken by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, following a meeting in Maximos with the participation of Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysoosides and the EL.AS. leadership.

The government spokesman Stelios Petas said:

“Congratulations to the police forces because they showed unprecedented restraint. The police no longer have a reason to stay there and they will return to their bases. Some of the reinforced police forces will be withdrawn and some will remain because we cannot leave the islands without police protection, especially at this time”

It should be mentioned that anti-riot forces have been on the islands for years. Thus, the squadrons that went as aid from Athens and Thessaloniki will leave.

As it became known, the northern Aegean regional governor and the mayors of the three islands will meet on Thursday with the Prime Minister in a bid to defuse the tensions of the recent days.

“The government’s program will move forward, our goal is to find the best possible solution”,  the government spokesman said, referring to the purpose of tomorrow’s meeting.