Grandma, 80, acquitted over accusations of abusing her donkey after taken to court by animal welfare group

The case was tried in Karpenisi

An 80-year-old woman was acquitted of charges of animal cruelty after an animal welfare group filed a lawsuit against her for purportedly neglecting to take care of the hooves of her donkey.

Posting on his twitter account, the lawyer of the elderly woman, Nikolaos Karagiannakidis, revealed the unbelievable case that led the grandmother to the courtroom, who was accused by an animal welfare organization of abusing a donkey.

In fact, in addition to the lawsuit filed against her by the animal welfare group, she had her animal taken from her.

According to the lawyer, the 80-year-old woman, who did not believe what had happened to her, burst into tears in the courtroom, while the Court announced the verdict of her acquittal.

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According to what become known from the trial documents in the courtroom of the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Karpenisi, the woman rejected the accusation she had ever abused her donkey.

The old woman had been sued by an animal welfare organisation about a year ago when the animal lovers were on a trip to Karpenisi and saw the grandmother with the donkey, noticed that the animal’s hooves had not been trimmed making it difficult for the animal to move. Then, according to what was heard in the courtroom, they chastised the woman, while through their legal actions managed to take the donkey from her possession.