Greece & Albania are working toward a new document of strategic partnership

Were there any talks about the indigenous Greek minority of Albania?


“We’re working in order to have a new document of strategic partnership which would define the path of relations between Albania and Greece, opening up a new perspective to economic cooperation and beyond”.

This was declared on Monday during a parliamentary hearing by the Albanian Foreign minister, Ditmir Bushati concerning the talks between Albania and Greece.

According to him, this process continues based on several principles imposed by international law, based on European principles and the need to find a solution which would be acceptable for both sides.

“We are also working to jointly manage the borders, as we do with other neighboring countries”, he said.


According to him, other topics which have been discussed with the Greek side include the Apostille stamp and the rights of 500 thousand Albanians living in Greece.

Meanwhile, other issues include the recognition of drivers’ licenses or social and health contributions paid by the Albanian community living in the neighboring country.

As far as school texts are concerned, the Albanian Foreign minister informed MPs that a special joint committee has been set up.