Greece & Albania take “step forward” on open issues during ministers’ talks

Many important issues between the two countries remain open


The Foreign Ministers of Greece and Albania, Mr. Nikos Kotzias and Mr. Ditmir Bushati, met over the weekend in Crete, and according to their joint statement, released on Sunday, Greece and Albania took “a step forward” towards resolving open bilateral issues.

Nikos Kotzias and Ditmir Bushati discussed “in a friendly and constructive environment ” while recognizing “the importance of dialog for resolving pending issues.”

“They agreed on further steps which must be taken in order to achieve positive results on the basis of European values and rules and for the benefit of both countries and their peoples. The talks were an important step forward,” the statement said, adding that efforts to find viable solutions to long-term problems will continue.”

Kotzias and Bushati agreed to meet again in Albania to review the progress made and decide on new steps.

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