Greece: At least six doctors in hospitals infected with measles

There is a special vaccination call to doctors & teachers

At least six doctors working at major public hospitals in Athens have been infected with the measles virus as new cases of the highly contagious disease are been recorded in Greece on a daily basis.

All infected doctors were born after 1970, which means that they were either not vaccinated at all or had only one dose of the vaccine that was in use at that time – and not two as the modern protocols require.


Greece’s health authorities have been alerted over the 160 cases of measles that have been reported in the last four months. Sixty cases were reported in the last 17 days. It should be noted that there were only two cases of measles in Greece in the past three years.

Health authorities warn of “epidemic exacerbation” and urge those who were not vaccinated to shield themselves against the virus and the highly contagious disease.

There is a special vaccination call to doctors and teachers.

A similar spike in measles cases has also been reported in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Romania. According to KEELPNO, 14,000 cases and 41 deaths have been recorded in Europe for the time 2016-2017.