Greece: Frontex, Turkish CG & NATO vessels fail to intercept immigrants rubber boat! (VIDEO)

Incompetence or a hidden agenda?


A video surfaced two days ago by AegeanHawk, that shows the suspiciously lousy job done by FRONTEX (Netherland Coast Guard), NATO (Albanian CG) and -unsurprisingly- the Turkish CG in intercepting a…low-speed refugee rubber boat in the Aegean Sea, Greece!

Four vessels(!) in total, -Frontex Netherlands RIB, Turkish Coast Guard (Sahil Guvenlik) KAAN19 SGxx and Type 80 class SG81 patrol boats and NATO SNMG2 Albania Coast Guard OPV ALS P132 Oriku- failed to intercept immigrants & refugees rubber boat inside Hellenic Territorial Waters…

The rubber boat crossed south entrance of Chios Strait from Turkish coast to Chios island’s east coast in broad daylight.

Frontex Netherlands RIB finally escorted and guided safely rubber boat with immigrants and refugees in a small port in Chios island.

At the end of video there are two screenshots from Marine Traffic with the paths of the Frontex (NL) RIB and the SNMG2 (AL) OPV in the operation area inside Hellenic Territorial Waters.

Turkish Coast Guard vessels paths can’t be seen as their Automatic Identification System (AIS) is systematically off in such operations…