Greece issues counter-Navtex to Turkey’s extension of previous illegal Navtex

Turkey had earlier extended an illegal Navtex which included regions in the Greek continental shelf

Greece responded to the extension of a Navtex by Turkey for the research vessel Oruc Reis until September 1, by issuing a counter-Navtex on Thursday calling on all seafarers to ignore the illegal Turkish Navtex.

The issuance of the counter-Navtex is a regular tactic applied when the Turkish side makes such moves.

The Heraklion station of the Hellenic Hydrographic Service of the Navy issued the new Navtex. The Turkish Navtex was issued in an area of ​​Greek jurisdiction (in an area under the jurisdiction of the Greek Hydrographic Service stations) and on the other illegal and unauthorised activity infringing on the Greek continental shelf.

Turkey issued a new extension to the voyage of Oruc Reis earlier on Thursday with the release of a new NAVTEX at a period of high tensions between Greece and Turkey.

The first NAVTEX issued by the Turks expired at midnight on Sunday, which was renewed again shortly before the expiration of the first extension until September 1.