Greece takes part in “Meat Olympics 2020” in Sacramento (video)

“The goal is to promote the country, to feature new talents from all over Greece, to activate the expatriates & to welcome sponsorships”

Greece’s national team of professional butchers, dubbed “Meating Greece,” will compete in a competition called the “World Butcher’s Challenge 2020,” which will take place in Sacramento, California on September 5, 2020, according to

The World Butchers’ Challenge is an international competition in which butchers from around the world battle it out for the title of the world’s most proficient practitioner of the ancient art. The tournament is often referred to as the “Olympics of Meat.”

The Greek team, which includes talents from all over the nation, has already started training for the challenge. The head of the Greek team which will take part in the competition is butcher Leonidas Mathioulakis from Chania, a city on the Greek island of Crete.

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