Greece’s second exit to the markets approaches

The coming meeting of the Eurozone finance ministers will determine the developments

There are two possible dates for the next exit of the Greek state to the markets, however, nothing can be taken for granted, as developments are constant and key issues change from day to day.

In the first scenario, which is in gestation for several weeks, the ten-year bond issue would be made the following day of the good news from the Eurogroup on 11 March. That is on March 12 or 13.

If, as is most likely, at the meeting, the Eurozone finance ministers give the “green light” to the disbursement of approximately EUR 1 billion from ANFA’s-SMP’s, as well as the elimination of the interest rate penalty on loans from the second financing program, the way will be paved for a new bond issue, probably a ten-year one.

The landscape at this time, however, is far from clear about the disbursement of the tranche. Neither side seems to seek a rupture, however, tomorrow’s Commission report with the findings of enhanced surveillance will have asterisks, albeit not insurmountable ones.

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