Greek Americans sign petitions to stop MTV reality show

“Growing Up Greek” is a misrepresentation of reality and offensive

MTV aired an American reality show with Greek-Americans, and long before it has been aired, reactions werebeen heard across the communities of Greek-Americans in the US. Now, the tumult continues, with a petition circulating in Diaspora circles.

The reality show is called “Growing Up Greek” and depicts the Tarpon Springs Greek -American community in Florida.

The reaction from the Diaspora was immediate, and they are now gathering signatures to stop the show or force it to be shot again to depict reality. As they mention on their signature platform, the reality show is offensive and does not correspond to the way that people grow up as Greek Americans, since they have tried very hard to eliminate these stereotypes.

The reality show depicts young Greek Americans dancing to bouzouki music and swear as if they are uncultured, uneducated yokels. The Greek American community communicates:

” Growing up Greek ” is a gross misrepresentation of what it means to Grow up Greek.  What makes us Greek is PRIDE. Pride for our faith, family and each other.  This show lessens us to look like Jersey Shore!  We have worked hard to not have that stereotype.  We are an ethnicity strong in family and Orthodoxy.    This show is NOT who we are and we are embarrased”.