Greek Defence Minister Kammenos proposes more permanent military presence of US in Greece (video)

The Greek Minister met with his US counterpart at the US Pentagon

“It is important for Greece that the USA deploy military assets in Greece on a more permanent base not only in Souda Bay, but also in Volos, Larissa and Alexandroupolis”, Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said, during his meeting with his US counterpart James Mattis at the US Pentagon, Wednesday.
The Greek Minister made the statement in front of the cameras and the video was released by the US Pentagon.
Mr Kammenos called the US a reliable strategic partner for Greece.
Mr Kammenos continued on the same issue during his meeting with journalists following the meeting with Mr. Mattis.
“there are structures in place that would be very interesting for Greece to take advantage of, and approach. Do not forget that we have come entered a period of new types of threats, cyberwar, satellite information, a lot of new media developed by the United States of America, and with their presence in Greece, they can help us very much in our own defence policy. ”