Elections aftermath: Tsipras to be sworn-in as PM at 18.00 GMT (Watch live)

What will future hold for government vis-a-vis third memorandum

Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras won Sunday’s elections and is to be sworn in as the country’s prime minister on Monday evening (8 p.m.). A euphoric Tsipras told journalists – from his party’s headquarters – that the electoral result sent a message to Europe that Greeks were interested in a stable government that would complete its four-year term. He said that the government is now solidified following the party’s internal problems.

Tsipras will be presented by President Prokopis Pavlopoulos with a mandate to govern so that he can form a new government. At 1 p.m. on Tuesday, he will chair a party meeting. On Wednesday, Tsipras will attend the emergency European Council meeting on the migrants issue. A busy week will end for Tsipras on Sunday when he attends the United Nations conference and emet with US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of a reception for country leaders.

The elections showed SYRIZA as a winner with 35.53% of the votes, followed by New Democracy with 28.05%. SYRIZA’s clear win means that it will be privy to another 50 seats, bringing its seats to 145 out of 300 in Parliament.

No sooner did Tsipras win that he announced his collaboration with Independent Greeks (ANEL) party leader Panos Kammenos, beaming by his side.

SYRIZA’s priorities: As outlined by Alexis Tsipras
* Battle for the debt
* The recommendation of a council on European issues
* A SYRIZA party congress in spring