Greek government considers introducing time limit in movement of citizens outdoors

Some citizens have abused the written permit form

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas alluded to the prospect of tighter controls on the curfew in an interview with SKAI radio on Tuesday morning.

“The movement form is not supposed to be used six times a day,” he said. The Greek government has implemented strict nationwide regulations on citizens’ movements since March 23, which provide for those moving to carry special permits (either via sms or paper form) explaining the reason they are are outside. The measure has been generally followed by Greeks, but some have abused or misused it.

Mr. Petsas confirmed the government was considering putting a time limit on the movement.

Today, daily Kathimerini reported that the government is considering including a specific time limit between the sms is sent and the return of the person.

The government’s plan, according to the newspaper, includes a set return period once the citizen sends a message to designated 13033 number. Authorities estimate the time limit measure will curb the unnecessary movements of older people belonging to the high-risk groups, while scrapping the right to use a written form which does not include the exact time of departure from the house.