Greek government survives no-confidence vote

Former ANEL MPs backed government

The Greek government has survived a no-confidence vote with 151 MPs backing the SYRIZA-led government and 148 voting against PM Alexis Tsipras. The result is expected as the former ANEL MPs who said they would support the government did exactly that. The MPs that acted as a life-saver for SYRIZA are: Elena Kountoura, Vassilis Kokkalis, Thanasis Papachristopoulos, Kostas Zouraris, Katerina Papakostas (all from ANEL) and Spyros Danellis from the River party (Potami).

The Greek parliament gave a vote of confidence to the efforts of Greece to regain its international credibility, PM Alexis Tsipras said after the announce,net of the result.