Greek helicopter on hot pursuit of drugs traffickers! (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

The traffickers were coming from Albania fully loaded with drugs

A very impressive operation by the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) was conducted on Friday. A HCG patrol boat located a vessel full of drugs and a hot pursuit followed.


The three people on board started to throw the drugs on the water, approximately 2 tons of cannabis.


Initially the vessel was located by a Frontex airplane off the coasts of Albania and then five HCG boats, one airplane, one helicopter with a team of HCG SEALS (ΜΥΑ/ΛΣ) snipers begun looking for it and eventually located it.


The vessel run aground and the three passengers were forced to evacuated. It is a matter of hours for them to be arrested, according to the authorities.


The HCG has gathered so far around 110 bags with cannabis from the sea.