Greek highschool students made a special video & sing for Macedonia! (VIDEO)

The students did everything on their own, from filming to directing!

A different video was made by students of the private schools “Greek Education” at Marousi for Macedonia.

The video immediately went viral on the internet in view of the Macedonia rally in Syntagma Square.

Several are the ones who comment on the video, congratulating students and teachers.

“MAKEDONIA IS ONE AND IS HELLENIC!” is the title of the video, referring to the history of Macedoni. 

The video was uploaded to the school’s website, which also states: “All together with one soul and with our flags in our hands we sing ‘Macedonia Xakousti’ (trnslt. ‘Renowned Macedonia’) with all our soul!”

“Macedonia Xakousti” is a very famous traditional song writenabout 100 years ago when Macedonia was finally liberated after centuries of Ottoman slavery.