Greek Ministers warn reporters to keep “quiet” on Chios refugee riots! (audio clip in Greek)

They warned they would not build new hotspot if we aired negative photos before Obama visit to Greece

Speaking to radio station “Vima FM”, journalist Pantelis Fikaris of the Chios-based newspaper “Politis Chios”, alleged that Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy, Ioannis Mouzalas and Alternate Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas had contacted him before the visit of US President Barack Obama asking to censor images of violence and riots from the Souda refugee hotspot, otherwise the government would not aid the local authorities to deal with the problem. The journalist said that the two Ministers invited journalists to a press meeting in Athens a day before the arrival of US President Barack Obama, and informed them of their share of responsibility of what kind of images went public, indirectly urging them to keep the tones down. “You either help us build you a  new hotspot or the situation remains as it is”, the reporter alleged the politicians told them.