Greek opposition parties call on the govt to revoke defence deal to upgrade aging aircraft

The Greek government has chosen to pay 40 million dollars to upgrade “piles of junk” at a time when it is making cutbacks to health and education

Proto Thema’s exclusive concerning the government’s secret deal with the United States to upgrade aging aircraft by Lockheed Martin set off a firestorm of controversy in Greek Parliament after it was revealed that 40 million dollars had been secretly deposited into an account to activate the contract. The agreement in essence pours money into four planes that are considered “piles of junk” and fit only to recycle at a time when the government is squeezing money from taxpayers e.g. 23% VAT for private schools, etc. Furthermore, questions regarding the transparency of the government’s deals are raised.

Deputies from all opposition parties expressed their differences to the government’s decision in Greek Parliament on Monday with calls to have it revoked. Furthermore deputies from the conservative main opposition New Democracy Party, the democratic coalition, the Greek Communist Party and the Union of Centrists questioned on the genuine intent of Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) PM Alexis Tsipras and his Defence Minister Panos Kammenos of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) to protect the more vulnerable social groups.