Greek Parliament: Exchange of hard word between the MPs of Golden Dawn & SYRIZA! (VIDEO)

Security was called in!

An exchange of hard words took place in the Greek Parliament on Thursday afternoon when the Golden Dawn’s MP Giannis Lagos was on the podium.

The MP was talking about the letter sent by the Pan-Macedonian Organizations to the Greek MPs regarding the name dispute with FYROM, where they were warning the Greek politicians that if they vote in favour of an agreement that would give the name Macedonia to the neighboring country, they would be held accountable before the law.

At that point, an MP of SYRIZA interrupted Mr. Lagos. The latter snapped calling the SYRIZA MPs “traitors”. The SYRIZA MP Nikos Xidakis moved towards Mr. Lagos and the two men came at an arm’s distance. MPs from both SYRIZA and the Golden Dawn approached the scene and the chairman of the House called security to control the situation and stopped temporarily the Parliament’s proceedings.