Greek PM Tsipras Thessaloniki EXPO speech

Tsipras to use ‘fresh’ 246 million Euros from TV licences in speech

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras will hope to assuage the discontent among the economically battered Greek public and galvanise his party supporters during his speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair, by using his administration’s successful results of the TV licence tenders, which brought in 246 million Euros to the state coffers. Tsipras, who will take the podium at a Velidion conference centre cordoned off by a 5,000 strong police force to control the nearly 15,000 protesters from all social groups, will also speak of the need to ease the austerity measures across the EU. The Greek government’s EUMed Summit, held in Athens, surpassed the administration’s expectations, with the participation of France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Portugal and Cyprus who agreed for the need of a more socially just Europe. The Greek PM will use the positive outcome of the Summit to put forward the narrative for a new EU based more on growth and employment and less on fiscal discipline. Tsipras will outline the successes of his government till now on the economy, social justice and attracting new investments over the next 3 years. The Greek PM is expected to avoid making any promises to social groups, apart from the utilisation of the fresh TV licence cash to underprivileged citizens. He is also expected to focus on the large infrastructure projects under way in the city of Thessaloniki, like the Metro, which he visited Saturday. The PM will also touch on the replacement of the ENFIA property tax with a fairer tax, while he is expected to announce the extension of the 100-tax instalment scheme for overdue debts to the tax office.