Greek PM Tsipras welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Athens

The two acknowledged the tough times Greek people went through

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Maximos Hall in Athens, Thursday afternoon.

Smiling at the entrance of the Prime Ministerial residence, the two leaders exchanged a warm handshake and then headed for the meeting

“I believe that today you are coming to a different Greece, which, after very great difficulties, managed to overcome the crisis and get back ion the path of growth and social reconstruction. We have suffered a lot of difficulties between us, but we managed through compromises and syntheses to overcome the crisis but also to maintain European cohesion”, Alexis Tsipras said.
On her part, the German Chancellor said: “We went through tough times. What we managed to achieve is to strengthen the European spirit. The Greek people went through a difficult phase and I would like to thank them for what Greece has achieved and what Greece has offered”.