Greek pole dancer Mandy shows off her incredible abilities (photos-videos)

Incredible agility and power!

Pole dancing has gotten a pretty bad wrap over the years, and to be comletely honest, its infamy was not entirely unjustified. Whenever someone found out a young lady was into pole dancing their reflex reaction would be “a stripper in a sleazy bar”. Fortunately, that skewed association has changed, as pole dancing is now considered an art in its own right, with female and males dancers competing in championships across the globe. It has caught on in Greece, with many women and men choosing to test their abilities in the very demanding sport-art. Mandy Fragkiadaki is a Greek pole dance artist, who took part in the recent RAD Polewear challenge at the Athens College Theatre. The professional champion is also an instructor, and by her performances on stage it is quite evident that some serious power training and strenous exercise routines back up those incredible acrobatic moves.


#poleart is everywhere! Scenes from my latest collaboration with @nikosgkanosofficial for his new video clip! Good luck to your new song boy, it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you! Thank you Athens Art Studio for hosting me and many thanks to you @giorgosant for the beautiful work! Thank you @sophie_lepoura for transforming me to a glamorous chick and @haniotisjewellery for your unique creations( #bracelets #rings) 💕 Special thanks to my sponsor @radpolewear for making me look gorgeous on my new #spiderweboutfit! Love you girls! P.s.: music added by me just to enjoy better this promo video instead of mute mode! #videoart #videoshoot #poledancer #polepassion #blacknwhite #radpolewear

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Mandy Fragkiadaki • ARTIST • (@mandy_poleaholic) στις