Greek police bust drug ring with € 5m worth of cocaine in their possession (video of raid on hideout)

The ring operated throughout Europe

Greek police busted an international drug ring operating in Athens, seizing 528,565 euros in cash from two apartments in the process, while another 300,000 euros were found in a private car.

The base of the operation was in the suburb of Brahami in the south of Attica, where the head of the ring, a 40-year-old Albanian, who was arrested by the Attica Drug Enforcement Division along with two other suspects, coordinated the cartel’s illicit activities. the two other members detained were an Albanian and a Croatian.

A total of 104 kilos of bulk cocaine worth more than € 5m were also seized, which was of the highest quality and had arrived directly from Latin America, according to police.

The Albanian criminal, who travelled frequently throughout Europe, did not resist arrest when officers closed in on him.

According to accounts, when the officers found him he said: “congratulations, you got me”.

The members of the ring used a number of GPS systems to keep track of the location of the drugs.

The 40-year-old leader was responsible for buying and storing drugs as well as finding clients and managing the cash.

The second Albanian arrested was responsible for guarding and transporting the drugs to “wholesalers” while the Croatian suspect arrested, was the “collector” of the ring.

Earlier, the Minister of Citizen Protection posted a video on Twitter of the police raid on an apartment in Brahami, Attica where the perpetrators were allegedly hiding the cocaine. The drugs had been placed in the oven and a sandbox.