Greek sales begin today – Advice and warnings

Consumer group EKPIZO and the NCHC have issued warnings

The Summer Sales period kicks off today and runs through to the end of August, beginning just a day after the controversial new pilot program – “Sundays with Open Stores” was enforced as a measure demanded by the memorandum.

The National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (NCHC) that represents small and medium-sized retailers and enterprises (SMEs) reacted negatively to the new measure, stating that only shopping malls and commercial chains will gain from this plan. With today’s start of the sales, the NCHC has called on consumers to trust Greek SMEs in their local neighborhood. The group has said that despite improvements, a ‘code of ethics’ is still needed for consumer protections and the modernization of businesses with new and simple sales practices.

NCHC warnings

* It is obligatory for all sales items to carry the old price and new discounted price on the label.
* The percentage of the price slash needs to be listed eg. 50% sale.
* Special care needs to be taken when making sales claims. These need to be accurate because the fines are hefty.

EKPIZO warnings

EKPIZO, the non-profit group that was created to protect consumers rights, has issued warnings for consumers.
1. Buy according to your needs. Plan and list your personal and family needs.
2. Take special care in the quality of items as second-rate and damaged products are also included in sales.
3. Scout the market prior to and during sales and don’t forget that prices are set at each shop owner’s accord.
4. Be cautious and refrain from being carried away by the climate of bargains and opportunities that sales offer.
5. Cast special attention on the final price and not just the percentage slash that may be fabricated.
6. Remember that you can’t return sales items for exchange or refund but that there needs to be a sign prominently .
7. Don’t forget that credit card purchases have an additional interest rate so use sparingly.
8. Always check the final price of a product, especially when making layby purchases or paying in instalments.
9. Make sure not to overdraft your credit card because this will mean even higher rates of interest.
10. Make sure that every product is accompanied by a receipt, guarantee and directions for using the product. Furthermore, during sales periods consumers are entitled to the same rights as other periods, especially in cases where goods are faulty.