Greek tourists ‘attacked’ as pedophiles in bizarre misunderstanding in Britain!

They were taking photos of tourist resort sites in Essex

A misunderstanding lead to the ridicule of three unsuspecting Greek tourists in the seaside resort town of Southend, in Essex England, when they were mistaken for pedophiles, according to the British press! On Friday, April 8 angry local residents of Southend suddenly surrounded three Greek tourists who were taking photos of the scenic vistas and the town’s fountain and took their mobile phones. As one of the locals posted on his facebook page ‘a pedophile ring had been busted’, referring to the incident. The specific post had 13,000 views, according to the ‘Independent’. A local shop owner named Richard Robinson said the residents had mistaken the Greek tourists for pedophiles because they had inadvertently taken photos of children in front of the fountain, which they were shooting! Richardson said the town was a tourist destination and it needed people visiting to admire its unique sites. ‘We do not need people scaring off tourists with silly stuff like what happened here’, he said. Police finally arrived on the spot and it was revealed the tourists were just that and nothing more!